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My Schoolroom Setup

Schoolroom setup is one of the most important parts of making it work.  It will always be a work in progress, and furniture can be created at home to fit needs.  This looks at physical layouts, useful items and tips.

 My favourite place to get things is IKEA. Check out the things to look to buy or make to improve you classroom, general setup tips


START HERE > My Schoolroom Setup ... Part A  (2009 TO 2011) Look at this schoolroom and learn why I set my school up.  This is the most important page to look at. 

OR Watch my video of my 2017 Schoolroom which I discuss layout, wall charts, behavior and more

The links below are just different schoolrooms and different ideas. 

My Schoolroom Setup ... Part B (2012)

My Schoolroom Setup ... Part C (2014)

My Schoolroom Setup ... Part D (2015)

Before 2008 Schoolroom Photos

Photos from Followers



Useful schoolroom items

Theses are some of the items I have had in schoolrooms I have been in.  You don’t have to have all of these, it depends on location and situation but some of these might be appropriate for your schoolroom area. 

Timer.. great for timing running, times tables and all sorts of things.  Once you have one you use it heaps.  More exact than the clock.

 Paper shredder.. Great for cutting up paper for paper mache.  Also good for making paper for mulch bins.  The paper can also be used for packing up tapes, cd, etc top send back.

 Guillotine..  Great for getting straight edges on all sorts of paper and cardboard.  Also means you get square edges and is a whole lot quicker than cutting.  You will use this both in and out of the schoolroom.

 Whiteboard..  My preference is a white board over a chalkboard as it is easier to use and neater.  You can also use a window as the whiteboard if you have some markers.

 Spelling Dictionary..  Spelling dictionary are great for students whom aren’t keen on using a dictionary or aren’t good spellers. It just has the words no meanings.  A lot smaller than normal dictionaries.

 Small Fridge.. It doesn’t have to be in the classroom but might be close by.  In summer you can keep cold water, cups and ice blocks in it.  You can also use it for experiments.  I use to turn the one I had off in the winter, but I still stored the drinking water and cups in it for use.  Especially hand of the schoolroom is away from the house or a cottage.

 Old Kitchen sink.. Sit it on a frame outside the classroom and near a tap.  It makes an ideal place to clean up the paint equipment and let it dry.  You can also have the water run into a garden bed so that you make the most of it.  Good place for experiments too.

Filling Cabinet or Folder.. Keep a small filing folder on your desk in the schoolroom.  In it, include all SOTA information e.g. contact numbers, class lists etc, computer info, e.g..  Centra booklets, ICT stuff, and activities for the kids if they finish early. 

Making table covers.. Use old tablecloths or material, to cover tables/desks in the schoolroom and then cover with clear plastic. 

Display backdrop.. Stitch together scraps of fabric to create colourful covering to liven up the room.  Hang a piece of fabric from the wall as an interesting backdrop when displaying kids' work. 

Setup Tips

Give them a special work area, which is uniquely theirs. 

Move the schoolroom furniture around occasionally, as the saying goes, a change is as good as a holiday. 

Have a calendar or term planner with every event on it, both school, family and social occasions. 

Keep everything in its place and label them so the kids know where everything goes and how to spell it.  This helps schoolroom to stay tidy and less work for you at the end of the day. 

Have a certificate and photo board so your child can see what he has done and it also encourages him to see what he can do. 



2008 : Not so big classroom with 2 in and a little one in and out.














Long and skinny schoolroom with desks all along one wall. 

Not ideal at all but we managed as we had a screened verandah area which we often went into for a more fresh aired schoolroom

This student loves to be close to the door.  Easy access to beat his brother home to tell tales.

Student has his own little alcove.

I use to sit in the centre of the boys.  My Home tutor books and pens were kept on the boxes.The walls around the boys were always filled with schoolwork aids.  NOT their own schoolwork and awards, which was display in a separate area. 

Once again same two desks shifted slightly.  When first set the desks up like this the twin boys argued bit but after a few punishments they soon learnt to get on with their work and not cause trouble.  Also I sat for 50 % of the day between them when I was not helping other students in the classroom.

The boys were responsible for cleaning there desk with a spray on cleaning product and the sweeping the floor under he desks.  On a Friday I would go over there cleaning attempts.

Students which liked looking out the window were placed in positions where it is a difficult to look outside.  This means when they do look out you will notice and can make the decision on if to bomb them or not.


In this 2 room schoolroom I had 3 children in a big room and a room which I called the office which had computer phone, home tutor aids in a filling cabinet, etc. 

Children's work areas can be set up in many different ways.
These 2 pictures are of different setups over 6 months.  The top picture was when he needed more help and I could wheel my chair over and sit in front of his desk.  The 2nd picture was when he became more confident and independent, and I decided it was time for him to have some space and figure it out for himself.  CHILDREN NEED TO BE DOING THEIR OWN SCHOOLWORK.  NOT WRITING YOUR IDEAS DOWN.


My Desk  in the centre of the room.  This room was set up so no child could look at each others as they were working.

YEAR 6 student area.  The posters on the green chipboard are nouns, verbs, etc. charts and are all available in the school house.  Check out Subjects then English.

Same classroom but an earlier in the year set up.

A preschool student who had 3 lessons per week.  She would sit at her big brothers desk while he completed his work out on the verandah table.  The phone was on a long cord and moved off my desk to where ever needed.


Year 8 student

I sat at the computer desk and was able to easily lean over when he needed help.  The back of the computer desk was a good place to put up schoolroom charts.  The shelves beside mean he is responsible for keeping his belongings together.


Even my earlier classrooms provided the kids with their own personal areas.     


Strings tied across a wall area a great way to display library books so they get noticed.  Not hidden in a book shelf.


An old piano provide a perfect area to store all the musical items and song books.